68% Off 7-Piece Salmon Sashimi Platter at Ichiryu Japanese Restaurant for RM10

[68% Off] 7-Piece Salmon Sashimi Platter at Ichiryu Japanese Restaurant for RM10

  • Newly opened restaurant specialising in Japanese cuisine, offering teppanyaki, kushiyaki skewers, customisable menrui noodle dishes, sushi, and more.
  • Wi-Fi available.

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The deal

  • 7-piece salmon sashimi platter for RM10 instead of RM30.80

Meal includes

  • 7-piece salmon sashimi platter (RM28 value)
  • 10% service charge (RM2.80 value)

Ichiryu Japanese Restaurant

Ichiryu Japanese Restaurant leaps into the fold of lunch-time locales in Pavilion Bundusan with a modern take on savoury selections hailing from the familiar spectrum of Japanese fare. The restaurant delivers a double-whammy of umami notes through its duplex outlet, with its ground floor vicinity carting out selections of sushi to fidgety fingers and gaping mouths by way of conveyor belt while its upper floor provides a more restrained dining space for private galas, accommodating parties of up to 50 people with semi-fine dining sensibilities. Among the restaurant’s repertoire of Japanese cuisine are the essential cuts of sashimi and maki rolls, grilled yakimono fare, and kushiyaki skewers. A palette of set meals add to the oriental mix in addition to a customisable range of menrui noodle dishes on offer, prompting diners to match soup bases with choices of soba, udon, or ramen paired with their picking of seafood or meat fillings.

Ichiryu Japanese Restaurant does not serve pork, but offers alcohol on its menu.