Nippon Yataimura, Queesnbay Mall: Ramen & Smoothies from RM48 for 2 People

Nippon Yataimura, Queesnbay Mall: Ramen & Smoothies from RM48 for 2 People

  • Japanese restaurant specialising in one-dish ramen and rice meals.

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Before noodles came in the shape they are known and loved for today, they used to be grains of rice strung together to make edible jewellery. Today’s Groupon ponders history with a ramen and smoothie meal at Nippon Yataimura in Queensbay Mall. Choose from:

  • Meal for 2 people for RM48 instead of RM60 (only RM24 per person)
  • Meal for 4 people for RM88 instead of RM120 (only RM22 per person)

Each person gets

Ramen (RM18 value) (Choose 1)

  • Spicy tonkatsu ramen
  • Pork mayo ramen
  • Tonkatsu ramen
  • Teriyaki chicken ramen
  • Spicy pork mayo ramen
  • Spicy kimuchi ramen
  • Gekkikara ramen

Smoothie (RM7.90 value) (Choose 1)

  • Strawberry smoothie
  • Caramel smoothie

16% services charges and Government tax (RM4.10 value)

Customers also get:

  • 20% off salmon sashimi
  • 20% off saba sugata yaki (half portion of fish)

Nippon Yataimura

The red racoon propped in a comfortable position on the restaurant’s signboard beckons at hungry palates craving casual one-dish Japanese meals. Inside, traditional Japanese motifs are employed to set the mood with bamboo partitions that offer a semblance of privacy and traditional lanterns that cast a warm glow upon diners. Those who are brave of heart and numb of tongue may choose to brave their gekkikara ramen, a house specialty ramen with up to 40 grades of spicy.