RM170 for Aura White Stem Cell Special Edition – FREE Delivery

RM170 for Aura White Stem Cell Special Edition - FREE Delivery
Aura White Stem Cell Special Edition is Formulated with 15x Concentration of Stem Cells to Promote Skin Renewal and Slows Down Aging Process, Made of 100% Natural Ingredients Without Artificial Preservatives and Hormones for Safe and Enjoyable Consumption

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While staying hydrated is key to wellness, it is yet not enough to sustain a healthy body inside and out. Just like water, our body loses a certain amount of collagen from time to time. If you think this structural protein is only significant to keep one’s face from sagging, you’re missing out! Collagen doesn’t just provide support and elasticity to skin but also to joints, hair and nails.

Aura White Stem Cell Special Edition is a product that brightens up the skin from dullness, reviving its former glory and overall smoothness. Fortified with 15x the concentration of premium stem cells for advanced cell renewal rate, giving you faster results in sustaining youthful, healthy vibe!

Using natural ingredients of premium quality such as virgin coconut oil, rose hips, camu camu fruit, oregano leaves, hyaluronic acid, pearl powder, astaxanthin with salmon collagen peptide and extra glutathione, this amazing formula gives boosts the skin-brightening power and simultaneously stimulates cell renewal process for finer, softer and more even skin tones within just 7 days!

– Achieve visible results in 7 days
– Formulate with 15x concentration of Premium Stem Cell
– Faster skin lightening process
– Skin becomes more toned and youthful
– Activate and enhances collagen synthesis rate
– Anti-aging properties
– Improves body’s immune system
– Treats skin problems such as acne, pigmentation and melasma
– Reduces facial wrinkles and fine lines
– Increases skin’s suppleness by up to 60%
– Overcomes hair fall problems
– Reduces scars and dark spots visibility
– Lightens cellulites and stretchmarks
– Reduces cracked heals
– Moistens chapped and dry lips
– Promotes detoxification within body
– Treats joint ache problems
– Strengthens bones
– Reduces cholesterol level
– Provides energy and improves stamina level
– Stimulates lactation for breastfeeding mothers
– Suitable for both men and women
– Expiry Date: December 2016

Package Includes:
– 1x Shaker
– 1x Aura White Stem Cell Special Edition
– 1x Aura White Whitening Soap
– 1x Shiseido Black Mask
– 1x Shiseido White Mask
– 1x Shiseido Naturgo Mask