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Banana Leaf or Biryani Set with Drinks at Cheeni’s Banana Leaf, Sri Hartamas

Banana Leaf or Biryani Set with Drinks at Cheeni's Banana Leaf, Sri Hartamas

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The deal

Banana leaf set with drinks

  • Chicken banana leaf set for 1 person for RM12.50 instead of RM21.20
  • Mutton banana leaf set for 1 person for RM14.50 instead of RM23.50

Biryani thali set with drinks

  • Chicken biryani set for 1 person for RM13.50 instead of RM22
  • Mutton biryani set for 1 person for RM15 instead of RM25.30

What you get

Banana leaf set

  • White rice or Indian rice
  • 3x types of vegetables
  • 2x pickles:
    – Dried salted chilli
  • 3x Taj Mahal pappadam
  • 3x gravy choices:
    – Fish curry
    – Chicken curry
  • 1x chicken or mutton dish (based on chosen option). Choose 1 cooking style:
    – Varuval
    – Peratal
    – Fried
  • 1x sirap ice
  • 1x sago gula Melaka dessert

Biryani thali set

  • Chicken or mutton biryani
  • Onion and cucumber raita
  • Dessert (choose 1):
    – Kesari
    – Payasam
  • 2x vegetables
  • 2x sirap bandung ice

Cheeni’s Banana Leaf

Nestled within Plaza Damas in Sri Hartamas, Cheeni’s Banana Leaf entwines Malaysian and Indian flavours for a bold serving of flavourful banana leaf and Peranakan dishes. Diners are offered heaped helpings of rice topped with curries, a choice of spiced chicken, mutton, or seafood dishes, and vegetables, served atop emerald banana leafs for hearty dining sessions. Cheeni’s also offers catering services with its flavourful cuisine for occasions of all kind.


Nasi Kerabu or Tumis Set Meal for Up to 4 People or 15% Off Total Bill at House of Nasi Kerabu

Nasi Kerabu or Tumis Set Meal for Up to 4 People or 15% Off Total Bill at House of Nasi Kerabu

[Grab it from RM3

1 bought

2 PEOPLE: Nasi Kerabu NARA Jumbo or Nasi KerabuTUMIS Jumbo Set Meal at House of Nasi Kerabu

RM47 @ Groupon]

The deal

Each group of 2 people get

  • Main course (choose 1):
    – Nasi Kerabu NARA Jumbo
    – Nasi Kerabu Tumis Jumbo
  • Drinks (choose 1):
    – Hot OR cold honey teh tarik
    – Hot OR cold green teh tarik with honey
  • Dessert (choose 1):
    Bubur green bean
    Bubur sanggupal nangka
    Bubur black sticky rice

House of Nasi Kerabu

Tucked away near Batu Caves, urbanites can flock to this humble joint to feast on a wealth of local Kelantan-style dishes of nasi kerabu, nasi tumis, ayam nara berempah, and more galore. Here, polychromatic Instagrammable platters are delicately crafted and meticulously seasoned for its spicy and tangy ambrosial flavours that complement taste profiles while satiating palates. Fret not, those needing a quencher can coat mouths with an assortment of refreshing drinks of teh tarik, air sirap, and air bandung before indulging in sweet delights of bubur black sticky rice and bubur sanggupal nangka.

Facebook: House of Nasi Kerabu


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