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DonKaiten: Christmas and NewYear Lucky Draw worth up to RM 988++ (22-Dec-2017 To 01-Jan-2018)

Seasonal Japanese Style Christmas & New Year menu now available at Don Kaiten Japanese Restaurant with treats like Fusion Japanese-Western Premium Christmas Set. Grilled salmon steak topped with savoury and appetising miso sauce, served with 3 different unique side dishes as well as a plate of 3 piece-salmon sashimi and grape-flavoured jelly.

Also, stand a chance to win our prizes that are worth up to RM 988 in total after dining with us!

Available from 22nd December 2017- 1st January 2018!

More details —> “HERE”

Location: Don Kaiten Japanese Restaurant

Enoshima Japanese Restaurant: Japanese Set Meal or 7-Course Meal with Green Tea at Mid Valley Megamall

Enoshima Japanese Restaurant: Japanese Set Meal or 7-Course Meal with Green Tea at Mid Valley Megamall

[Grab it now @ Groupon]

In extreme circumstances, a person’s hunger and delirium could cause him to gnaw on his own foot for food. Today’s Groupon nibbles away with a Japanese meal from Enoshima Japanese Restaurant in Mid Valley Megamall. Choose from:

  • Set meal for 1 person for RM26.50 instead of RM44.30
  • 7-course meal for 2 people for RM84 instead of RM139.32

Meal includes

Set meal (RM38 value)

  • Choose 1:
    – Salmon sashimi, salmon teriyaki, and udon set
    – Sushi, salmon sashimi, and chicken teriyaki set
    – Salmon sashimi and salmon shioyaki set
    – Beef sukiyaki
    – Pork sukiyaki set
    – Chicken teriyaki and tempura set
    – Chicken teriyaki and saba shioyaki set
  • Appetisers, fruits, and soup

16% service charges and Government tax (RM6.30 value)

7-course meal (RM120 value)

  • Spicy seafood nabe
  • Nichin jidori
  • 4x pieces of salmon sashimi
  • Volcano roll
  • Kaiso salad
  • Agedashi tofu
  • Edamame
  • Refillable hot or cold green tea

16% service charges and Government tax (RM19.32 value)

Enoshima Japanese Restaurant

Toting a name inspired by the island of Enoshima off the Shōnan coast of Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture, the restaurant transports its namesake’s culture and culinary masterpieces to MidValley Boulevard. Patrons dine on Nippon-fare where coffee-coloured wooden beams divide the room, and picturesque glass windows offer a chance to make hungry passersby envious whilst one feasts upon pork and beef yakiniku, signature Genghis Khan lamb combo, and more.


Chicken Teriyaki & Tempura Set

Chicken Teriyaki & Saba Shioyaki Set

Salmon Sashimi, Salmon Teriyaki & Udon Set

Salmon Sashimi & Salmon Shiyoki Set

Beef or Pork Sukiyaki Set

Spicy Seafood Nabe

4 pieces of Salmon Sashimi

Left – Kaiso Salad / Right – Volcano Roll

Left – Agedashi Tofu / Right – Edamame

From RM50 Cash Voucher at Martin Kary Japanese Restaurant

From RM50 Cash Voucher at Martin Kary Japanese Restaurant

[Grab it now @ Groupon]

The deal

  • RM35 for RM50 cash voucher
  • RM69 for RM100 cash voucher

Click here to view menu.

Martin Kary Japanese Restaurant

Drenched in an incandescent glow of light that bounces of the shiny edges of surrounding salt rocks, patrons can dine the saline-lined walls of Martin Kary Japanese Restaurant. The family-owned establishment located within Solaris Mont Kiara exudes an air of refinery and finesse whilst offering a range of Japanese dishes served in its soothing beige-toned spaces built to resemble a salt cave. Sup on selections of fresh sashimi, hot udon and soba, yakitori, ebi tempura, and more, extending one dining time to enjoy the setting over sips of beer and other libations.

3-Course Japanese Meal or Buy 1 Free 1 Matcha Parfait at Kokoro Japanese Restaurant

3-Course Japanese Meal or Buy 1 Free 1 Matcha Parfait at Kokoro Japanese Restaurant

  • Redeem your Groupon on mobile. No printout required.
  • Restaurant specialising in Japanese cuisine
  • Feast on prawn and vegetable tempura’s, teriyaki chicken, and more.
  • Uses Gyomuyo Yame matcha to make their matcha parfaits.

[Grab it now with RM11.90 @ Groupon]

The deal

3-course meal

  • (Mon – Fri) meal for 2 people for RM38 instead of RM78
  • (Mon – Fri) meal for 4 people for RM75 instead of RM156
  • (Sat – Sun) meal for 2 people for RM45 instead of RM78
  • (Sat – Sun) meal for 4 people for RM85 instead of RM156


  • 1 matcha mini parfait for RM11.90 instead of RM24; get 1 matcha mini parfait free (Early bird, Limited 50 Groupons)

Each group of 2 people get

3-course meal

  • Main course (choose 2):
    – Pan fried beef teppanyaki
    – Salmon teriyaki
    – Prawn and vegetable tempura
    Kaki Oyster Sashimi
    – Teriyaki chicken
    Ton katsu curry
    Sukiyaki chicken OR beef
  • Sharing platter:
    Yasai inari
    Koroke (Fried mashed potato onion)
    – Salmon with karashi dressing
    – Eggplant Miso
  • 2x Japanese white rice
  • Drinks (choose 2):
    – Green tea (free flow)
    – Honey lemon vinegar
  • 2x Matcha ice-cream desserts

Kokoro Japanese Restaurant

Located within the heart of Cheras is a humble restaurant serving in authentic Japanese cuisine by a chef with 25 years of experience. Patrons are invited into the white-washed minimalistic-themed interior before being served with a menu proffering innovative sushi combos, mouth-watering bento boxes, alongside delectable soft serve desserts to complement.

Facebook: Kokoro Japanese Restaurant


Hana Yuzen: RM100 Cash Voucher for Japanese Cuisine

Hana Yuzen: RM100 Cash Voucher for Japanese Cuisine

  • Redeem your Groupon on mobile. No printout or booking required.
  • Restaurant specialising in authentic Japanese cuisine.
  • Feast on fresh salmon sashimi, fried soft shell crab, yakitori shio, wagyu sukiyaki, and more.
  • Price range from RM5 to RM198.
  • Wi-Fiavailable.

[Grab it now with RM68.00 @ Groupon]

Dating back to the 1800s, to qualify as a samurai, one must master the sword in skillful art-making with mouth-watering picturesque creations of fanned-out sashimi displays. Today’s Groupon presents so-fish-ticated dates with a cash voucher from Hanayuzen in SS15 Subang Jaya:

  • RM68 for an RM100 cash voucher with complimentary hot or cold green tea

Click here to view the full menu.

Complimentary drinks (choose from)

  • Green tea
  • Water

Hana Yuzen

Located in Subang Jaya’s bustling commercial hub of SS15, the cuisine of Nippon-koku comes alive at Hana Yuzen where chefs slice fresh slabs of salmon, marinade Wagyu, and prepare tons of tempura batter-dipped ingredients ready for the fryer. The restaurant caters to the desires of Japanese food lovers with its wide spread of culinary offerings and surroundings reminiscent of its cuisine’s country of origin.

Hanayuzen does not serve pork, but offers alcohol on its menu.

Facebook: HANA YUZEN Japanese Restaurant

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