Up to 40% Off BBQ Chicken: Cash Voucher for Fusion Korean Cuisine from RM19

[Up to 40% Off] BBQ Chicken: Cash Voucher for Fusion Korean Cuisine from RM19

  • Fusion Korean restaurant uses 100% trans-fat free pure olive oil in their cuisine.
  • Diverse menu includes Golden Olive Chicken Signature, Spoon Pizza, Pane cream pasta, and sous-vide nasi goreng.
  • Price range from RM1 to RM31.50.

[Grab it now with RM19.00 @ Groupon]

Using olive oil in your cooking allows you to enjoy food without having to go on a diet, worrying about health, or hiding in gym lockers to eat fried chicken. Today’s Groupon offers healthier alternatives with cash vouchers for fusion Korean cuisine from BBQ Chicken, valid at two outlets in Sarawak. Choose from:

  • RM19 for RM30 cash voucher
  • RM60 for RM100 cash voucher

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BBQ Chicken

Replicating the taste familiar to its country of origin, the Korean F&B franchise takes pride in healthy meal preparations using imported olive oil in the creation of dishes such as the Golden Olive chicken and Spoon Pizza, appeasing appetites with succulent boneless chicken thighs and fresh crispy salad. Each one of BBQ Chicken-s outlets in bustling commercial areas is furnished with wooden tables and chairs, giving an air of an old-world diner that has been transplanted into the future.

BBQ Chicken does not serve pork or alcohol on its menu.

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