Up to 40% Off Stickhouse: Cash Voucher for Gelato Sticks from RM16

[Up to 40% Off] Stickhouse: Cash Voucher for Gelato Sticks from RM16

  • Gelato and sorbet franchise from Italy.
  • Uses 100% natural ingredients without added preservatives or artificial flavourings.
  • Valid at The Gardens Mall and Citta Mall.

[Grab it now with RM16.00 @ Groupon]

Choose from

  • RM16 for RM25 cash voucher
  • RM30 for RM50 cash voucher

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Stick House

Based on Italy-s gelato concept, Stick House uses fresh ingredients in the production of gelato and sorbet without adding preservatives, artificial flavouring, and pretentious airs. All ice creams are free from trans-fat, while flavours catered for individuals intolerant to lactose, sugar, and gluten are available.

Stick House does not serve pork or alcohol on its menu.

Facebook: Stickhouse Malaysia