Up to 51% Off Tsukemen & Izakaya IEYASU: Ramen and Tsukemen Meal at Avenue K from RM50 for 2 People

[Up to 51% Off] Tsukemen & Izakaya IEYASU: Ramen and Tsukemen Meal at Avenue K from RM50 for 2 People

[Grab it now with RM50.00 @ Groupon]

Unfortunate events often follow one’s bad choices, like wearing football boots on a marble floor or filling oxygen tanks with helium before a deep-sea diving trip. Today’s Groupon scratches the surface with a ramen or tsukemen meal at Tsukemen & Izakaya IEYASU in Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur. Choose from:

  • Meal for 2 people for RM50 instead of RM96.80 (only RM25 per person)
  • Meal for 4 people for RM95 instead of RM193.60 (only RM23.80 per person)

Each group of 2 people gets

2 x ramen / tsukemen (choose 2 from)

  • Miso dipping noodles (RM25 value)
  • Sesame dipping noodles (RM25 value)
  • Japanese curry dipping noodles (RM25 value)
  • Tomato and cheese dipping noodles (RM25 value)
  • Miso ramen (RM25 value)
  • Sesame ramen (RM25 value)
  • Soy sauce dipping noodles (RM23 value)
  • Soy sauce ramen (RM23 value)
  • Soy sauce with seafood flavoured ramen (RM23 value)
  • Japanese fried thick noodles (RM17 value)

1 x assorted tempura (RM18 value)

1 x salmon sashimi (RM20 value)

10% service charges (RM8.80 value)

Tsukemen & Izakaya IEYASU

IEYASU is an izakaya that hails from Ikebukuro, Japan, bringing to Malaysian soil the ramen alternative known as tsukemen – a summer dish where the diner dips ramen-style noodles into a bowl of thick hot broth, commonly served with staple condiments of cha shu slices, bamboo shoots, and eggs. The eatery-s entrance boasts a traditional Japanese doorstep, ceiling-high bamboo shoots, and punctured partitions set amidst a dim milieu to give patrons an authentic izakaya dining experience. Those seeking a taste from the Land of the Rising Sun can find this hidden gem on the third floor in Avenue K, an affluent shopping emporium that is located next to KLCC and accessible via the LRT.