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2 UNITS of Solar 2W Car Auto Fan Cool Ventilation

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Product Description of Solar 2W Car Auto Fan Cool Ventilation

Solar Car Ventilation

While sunbathing gives skin that glorious tan, a few minutes of ultra violet exposure would provide adequate heat to turn that dashboard into a make-shift frying pan. Avoid getting into the hot seat with today’s cooling DEAL – Solar-Powered Car Ventilator Auto Fan, a breeze provider for that heaty interior


Even on the hottest days, your parked car is kept cooler and the air fresher thanks to this solar-powered ventilator/fan. It’ll make sure you return to a car that’s safe and comfortable to drive in. Place the vent on top of a window, close the window, then lock up. The solar panel will absorb the sunlight and power itself. No batteries or wiring needed. The built-in fan draws in fresh cool air while hot, stale air is sent outwards.It can easily eliminate pet and tobacco smells. It’s easy to install and fits all windows!


New 20 Color Mix Eye Shadow & Blusher Cosmetic Set

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Key Features & Benefits :1. Eyeshadow make up set that offers a complete assortment of eye shadows.2. High quality ingredients with silky shine color and can last for all day long!3. This best eye shadow is a great ideal way to help you look beautiful every day.4. This eyeshadow palettes provides an excellent touch feeling.5. It is easy to carry this eyeshadow in a travel case.6. Satisfaction ensured. Glossy and highly pigmented makeup.7. New and high quality,manufactured to the highest specifications.8. Adorable for yourself or great gift for ladies or girls.
Special Features
  • 100% brand new
  • 16 color warm shimmer eyeshadow + 4 color blusher
  • With mirror inside.
  • Glossy color and can last for all day long.
  • Eyeshade and blusher ingredients that take care eye skin around!

Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor & Heart Beat Meter Highlights

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Compact and Super Easy

The Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor & Heart Beat Meter is a compact, and highly useful medical tool to have around especially if you are in need to be constantly in check with your pressure and heart rate. The Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor & Heart Beat Meter is a fully digital blood pressure and heart beat monitor which promises a high precision reading, comfort and ease of use.


Digitise your Pressure and Heart Rates

The Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor & Heart Beat Meter comes equipped with the enhanced intellisense technology to help you get a highly accurate reading. The memory technology enables the medical tool to keep records of up to 60 readings. Plus, this medical device comes with a LCD display which is clear to the eyes.


Essential with Cuffs

The Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor & Heart Beat Meter comes with a comfortable cuff to wrap around your upper arm and your wrist to get the readings. Getting the right cuff is very important in blood pressure monitors because undersized cuffs may yield too high a pressure while oversized cuffs yield too low a pressure. *For people with high blood pressure. Consult your doctor to evaluate the readings. Check your device periodically for accuracy.


SK-II 4-Piece Set Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 30ml

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For perfectly conditioned and ultra-fresh skin, use the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion morning and evening after cleansing your face and neck.

The final part of your cleansing process, this lotion helps remove residual impurities and dead skin cells.

How to use:
For perfectly conditioned and ultra-fresh skin, use the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion morning and evening after cleansing your face and neck.

Pitera, Water, Butylene Glycol

ASOTV Smooth Away Painless Hair Remover

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Product Video Demo

Smooth Away removes unwanted hair easily, safetly and painlessly. No more harsh chemicals, plucking, shaving, ripping ever again. Smooth Away is the dastest selling, most popular woman’s product in Europe. Each Smooth Away pad is covered with superfine crystals that buff away unwanted hair and leave your skin soft and icredibly smooth. Great for face, arms and legs.Smooth Away is great for both men and women.

Smooth Secret

Each Smooth Away Pad Is Covered With Superfine Crystals That Buff Away Unwanted Hair Leaving Your Skin Soft and Smooth.


No more blades! Seriously, I am so tired of getting razor burn and cutting myself. You apply it on dry legs and dont have to prep your legs with cream or lotion. It exfoliates your skin at the same youre removing hair. My skin is not itchy and really smooth right now. Its actually completely painless. It kind of feels like rubbing super fine sandpaper on your skin. Im sure if you push to hard youre skin could get irritated.


Today, the Smooth Away is one of the most popular womens products in Europe as a great hair removal and skin exfoliation system.

Why You Should Use Smooth Legs To Remove Unwanted Hair?

No More Harsh, Smelly, Harmful Chemicals
No More Painful Plucking, Waxing, Electrolysis,
No More Costly Laser Treatments
No More Shaving Cuts,
Removes Unwanted Hair and Exfoliates
Easy, Safe, Fast and Affordable
Hair Grows Back Slower and Finer with Each Use


Works Best In Areas Such As


HOW TO USE Smooth Away?

Use Smooth Away only in circular motions (clockwise and counter-clockwise), with slight pressure. Do not press down. Going first in one circular direction then the other. Repeat until all the hairs have been removed.

For larger areas like legs and forearms, use the larger backing pad. For smaller, or uneven areas, use the smaller backing pad, with the same circular motions. When done your skin may look a little whitish or gray in color, which is great news because youve exfoliated dead skin cells. Simply moisturize as desired.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does Smooth Away Work?

Smooth Away works by applying the product on your skin in gentle circular motions (clockwise and counter-clockwise). This buffs away unwanted hair and exfoliates dead skin cells at the same time revealing smooth he……

Men Women Health Pedi Care Foot Skin Care Remove Dry Skin

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The Pedi Spin instantly removes dry, rough patches, calluses and dead skin. The Pedi Spin is an easy way to enjoy smooth, soft feet. The stainless micro files quickly remove calluses and dry skin, leaving your feet looking and most of all feeling great! You can use the Pedi Spin at anywhere and at any time! The shaving will be collected in the head of the device for easy cleanup, so its mess-free. The Pedi Spin is dual speed and it runs of 4 double A batteries. You can use it on your heels, soles and toes!
Gentle on sensitive skin. Ergonomic design. Two speed switch high speed and low speed. Traps having. It includes two different types of treatment plates: Polishing plate and Finishing plate.use the polishing plate for thicker, tougher call used skin and Finishing plate for smoothing out rough edge safter the polishing plate treatment, then use it to maintain soft, smooth skin in between polishing plate treatments.

Bamboo Charcoal Slimming Bodysuit

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This Bamboo Charcoal Slimming Suit is a seamless high waisted body suit which shapes your silhouette creating a slimming effect for your hips and tummy while smoothing any bumps on your back, sides, and rib cage.

The Bamboo Charcoal Material used has been promoted for more than a decade in Japan as has various advantages for our bodies

This all in one body suit is carbon aged to Prime Bamboo Fiber Fabric, to create a flexible, yet powerful waist curving garment, dramatically reducing waist and tummy size while cutting out that embarrassing muffin top.

Special X-hip design provides a strong overall body coverage, shaping up the bum muscles, to create a perked up 100-times-a-day squats result.

The compact three dimensional cut, coating resistance, focuses on pushing the chest to prevent the sagging effect of breasts, it focuses on firming, and creating a glamorous breast shape, without the need of expensive and intrusive surgery.

This also helps with breastfeeding, providing posturing up and nurturing breasts, so you get the perfect breast shape

Specially tailored to help give you a sexy waist, hips, and thighs silhouette while eliminating excess fat and cellulite to help you achieve the body you want fast, naturally, and without surgery!

Material Bamboo Charcoal The Black Diamond

Colour: Grey
: S-M and L-XL


1) Seamless, no metal, no hooks, unrestrained all in one body sculpter

2) Revolutionary three dimensional design which tightens your tummy, lift buttocks, trims thighs, and lifts breasts

3) The S-Out design uses dynamic shifting mechanisms for the back, chest, and waist. This helps with the sculpting, stretching, and tightening fat areas.

4) Allows you to wear your own bras whilst keeping your breast in place

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